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Added my first open source application on github

After so much of delay at last I have published my first open source application on GitHub.

As described in my previous post I have used qt-jambi to generate snapshot/thumbnail for given website using java. This application is developed in java and I have used Maven for dependency management and build tool. I will be adding several functionalities later on, as per my convenience.

I have named it SiteGraphThumbnailer have  a look @ it and provide your feedback if any.

Its opensource so you can modify it as per your requirement.


My First Blog Entry

Hey Folks,

From Last year I was thinking to have one spot to share my knowledge ​ and experience.

Istu : share knowledge and experience my foot, he just wants to show off thats it.

Recently I have got some encouragement/ motivation through tweets and from my friend’s blogs.

Istu : Motivation or Jealousy.

So finally I have decided to write my own blog because blogs provides rich platform to ​share information across the web with minimal efforts and time.

Istu​ :​​ Rich platform ? minimal efforts/time or don’t have money to pay for web domain space ha ha.

Here we will discuss some serious technical topics such as Java, J2EE, Spring Framework, Struts, Hibernate, Ubuntu Linux, Security and many more . . . .

Istu: Which word is serious ha ha

Today I am writing my first blog to start the trend, as today is 12 Rabiul Awwal (Eid-E-Miladunnabi) very important day in Islam.

Istu: Thats correct. Eid Miladunnabi mubarak to all.

Lets see how all these goes​ on, expecting a great response from you all guys.

By the way Istu is my friend  and he will be there in each post​ whether I like it or not :).

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