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Is it too late to implement

While working on one of the project I was unable to find any open source Java implementation to generate website thumbnails. At that time I have decided to write my own code to do the same. As this was not possible purely with Java only I get back to C/C++ implementation and found CutyCapt C++ webkit based image rendering utility developed using QT Library. Though it was written in C++ only that’s what I wanted. I decided to write my own Java wrapper on top of CutyCapt to extend its functionality in Java.

I found pretty useful Java bindings for QT Library called QT-Jambi and created my prototype using it. But just before I am writing this post I decided to give name to it as I already had prototype ready with me based on qt-jambi library in Java and is working fine.

Before giving a name to this project I decided to make another broaden search about similar projects available in the community. I was surprise to see that what exactly I was thinking to make including extensions and rich functionality along with simple utility was already available.

Damn . . .

So what should I do now? I should scrap my efforts on this project? As I don’t want to reinvent the wheel again.

But wait let me rethink on it and I may able to provide more functionality than existing projects. After publishing my code on one of the source code hosting services I will post my prototype on my blog.

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