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Building your own webpage to image service on web

So we have gone through a demo in my recent post on how to generate an image of a webpage using QT and java. In this post I want to announce that I have created set of RESTFul web services using Spring Framework to extend my little piece of software to a web based service. Spring MVC provides a great @nnotations support to create RESTFul Web services in minutes. You can checkout my project from GitHub.

Software as a Service

Here is the documentation of my SaaS implementation. This documentation contains all required information, from obtaining the source code to deployment. Give it a try and provide your valuable comments here.  I am sure that there can be number of interesting use of this software as a service, also if you have any idea of extending this service please make a note of it here. I do have plans to add some more functionality into this, but it just depends on resource availability :D.  


As web browsers are advanced now a days there are lots of interesting stuffs have been added into them. Recently I came to know that you can take a snapshot of a webpage using canvas object and few lines of javascript. There are already numbers of plugins available which are doing this internally. So now I think its not fruitful to send whole web page content to server to prepare the snapshot and hence I will discontinue this project. But glad to hear that there are easier ways to do stuff like this.

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